International Food Bazaar a lively celebration of culture and diversity

Over 20 countries were represented at the 34th annual International Food Bazaar put on by international students at MSU on Saturday, Jan. 11. The SUB Ballrooms bustled with music, the rich smells of the homemade cuisine and smiling students in authentic garb. Alongside traditional dances performed in the Union Market, members of the Saudi Club on campus showed a dance while community members lined up for chicken curry and rice. Members of the club spent three days in a kitchen on campus preparing for the Bazaar. Beginning Thursday, Feb. 8, international students filled the campus kitchens in shifts, coming together for the 3,000 annual visitors to the International Food Bazaar.

Hilad, a member of the Saudi Club, said he enjoyed the Bazaar in part because of the questions people asked him about his home. “I think it’s really nice that we’re here, and we’re sharing our ideas and how our country really is,” he said. Bernard, a student in the Plant Science Department from Ghana, kissed his fingertips like a chef when describing how the kabobs at his group’s booth turned out. “It feels like home” he said describing getting to wear clothing and eat food from Ghana. People of all ages, residents of Bozeman, small children and college students alike, filled their plates and got to taste the world thanks to the efforts of the international students at MSU.

The Saudi Club featured not only food, but also music at their table, as well as a live performance in the Union Market.
Photos by Brendan Kristiansen
The food bazaar served as an opportunity for students of many different backgrounds to come together and share a taste of their heritage.
Many families also took part in the Food Bazaar, sharing their home-cooked food.
Students were excited at the opportunity to proudly share their food with others.