Diversity Summit: Phase two at MSU

Thursday, Feb 2 marked phase two of the Diversity Summit at MSU. During phase one, held last semester on Nov. 1, participants thought critically about diversity at MSU. Led by Rusty Barcelo, Ph.D., and Eric Lopez, Ph.D., a mix of faculty, professors and students talked amongst themselves and brainstormed internally to come up with a coherent diversity statement.


According to Barcelo, phase two was about fine-tuning MSU’s diversity statement, which will eventually be a part of the MSU vision and website. Also on the agenda was coming up with attainable goals and benchmarks for the campus diversity statement. Together, participants also wrote and shared smaller, more attainable acts that could create a more welcoming, diverse campus at MSU.


Lopez pointed out the student table and said, “We want people from all over campus to share what diversity means to them.” Later that night, the two facilitators held a student specific diversity round-table where a more broad range of students could give their input. The campus diversity statement will be unveiled sometime this year.