ASMSU hosts Pizza with the President

A group of students congregated in the SUB Alumni Lounge with President Waded Cruzado and boxes of pizza on Oct. 25. The event, aptly titled “Pizza with the President,” was the first of its kind. ASMSU President Garrett Leach and Vice President Geneva Zoltek promised to bring the event to students during their campaign for the ASMSU Presidency.

About 30 students, a portion of them being ASMSU student senators, and a few faculty members gathered in the room to ask questions and discuss issues. Cruzado started off discussing the Romney Gym renovation, which is the number one priority for all of the Montana University System and MSU’s priority in the upcoming legislative system. She emphasized that MSU has not increased the amount of funds they are asking for since 2010,“I am not going back to the legislature with a different number,” she said. Cruzado discussed how prices for the project have risen, but MSU wants to increase their chances of getting the project approved.

Student Emma Bode, a major in environmental sciences, referenced University of Montana’s food compost system and asked Cruzado if she was considering anything similar for the dining halls. Cruzado said MSU is already doing a variety of things to cut back on waste, but that there are always opportunities to provide more sustainable options and would explore such options.

Another student asked Cruzado how she would ensure students still have accessibility to resources with the enrollment growth. Cruzado said, “access and excellence are not exclusive.” She mentioned Maurice Hilleman, an MSU alumni and microbiologist who has developed over 40 vaccines, including eight of the 14 regularly issued vaccines. “You never know which student will be an extraordinary leader,” Cruzado said, in support of the growing enrollment.