TWO|ELEVEN provides a new nightlife scene to Bozeman to those who can’t get into bar


The bar scene around Bozeman is abundant for those who enjoy partying downtown. There are plenty of bars for many different types of people, from the party scene of Bar IX to the more chill environment of the Copper. However, for those who aren’t of age to legally get into the bars, or simply just don’t enjoy the organized chaos that downtown Bozeman provides, there isn’t much of a nightlife. This is exactly what TWO|ELEVEN is trying to achieve.


Started by Jake Vopel and Zen Wohlers, TWO|ELEVEN seeks to provide a monthly party to the citizens of bozeman of all ages. “We knew people were frustrated because there was no nightlife for people who were only eighteen and only bars for people who were over twenty-one,” said Wohlers. “This is the reason we had the idea to start these events. We knew there was a demand for this type of thing, and we knew we could meet that demand. These events are a place where people can engage with each other and just hang out at a place that isn’t a bar.”


The first of these events was last Friday with Five-Star & Party Girl, a couple of local EDM (Electronic Dance Music) DJs with a large local following. There are more DJs set up for future events, but there are hopes of adding new kinds of music as the following of these events grows. “We started with EDM artists because it’s simple,” Wohlers said. “We hope to change up the music in the future, eventually getting some hip hop artists to add some variety. If we get a large enough following, we plan to get multiple DJs at these events to have battles.” The first event was a success, with a large group of people showing to experience this new event.


TWO|ELEVEN is focusing on bringing in local artists for the coming month’s events. They hope that this will keep the ticket prices cheap for the people attending the events while still being able to support the local artists of Bozeman. As the events become more popular, the artist’s most likely will become more well-known, which will bring in even larger crowds.


Although TWO|ELEVEN made these events primarily to connect with the crowd that isn’t able to go downtown, these events are appropriate for those over the age of twenty one as well. There is a VIP lounge sponsored by Rockstar where people can get free Rockstar energy drinks, as well as a bar that serves alcohol for those of age, ranging from beer to wine and liquor. Taking place monthly, these events are a great way to let off steam from the stress that can come with school without dealing with the hordes of intoxicated people that come with the downtown environment. “We want these events to be more of a social gathering than anything,” Wohlers said. “Ideally, people should think of these as a place to hang out and be social rather than a concert. This will make it feel more relaxing to the crowds, and create the image we’re looking for in the Bozeman nightlife scene.”


Another draw to this type of nightlife is that it’s cheap with tickets ranging from only ten to fifteen dollars. Keeping all of the bands local and making alcohol an optional choice rather than a necessity makes this an affordable option for anyone, while still keeping the environment fun for everyone involved.


Taking place at Faultline North once a month, TWO|ELEVEN creates parties that are  must-attend events for anyone who enjoy being social, but aren’t old enough to drink or simply dislike going to the bars. For more information on future events, or to get in touch with the new nightlife scene, follow TWO|ELEVEN on Facebook.