CODE|24 at MSU

With 24 hours to create, design and prototype an app, game or website, 15 teams participating in CODE|24 on Saturday, Oct. 8 – Sunday, Oct. 9 faced quite a challenge. The participants slept in the SUB, consulted with mentors and finally demonstrated their product to a panel of judges in order to win a $500 grand prize. According to Waylon Roberts, the User Experience Manager at Blackstone Launchpad, “Our hope was that teams would be inspired by seeing what they could accomplish in 24 hours and continue pursuing creating their own products after CODE|24 had ended.”

The teams of three to five students could be from any background. Dalayna Christenson, a junior graphic design major, said, “There was a large group of teams this year that were active in participating in each other’s projects. It was fun to see how everyone got together to finish their ideas.” The event, put on by Blackstone Launchpad, wasn’t judged on completeness. Rather, it was judged on the functionality of the prototype. Christenson said, “24 hours isn’t very efficient for making a good code, so we stayed up practically all night fighting it.” Another participant, Sean White, said his team “came in with a plan, but that plan only covered the tools we would use and the end product we were trying to design. Almost everything else was figured out while we were there.”

Awards were given out Sunday morning to excited and inspired participants.


Potentially in graphic:

This year Blackstone Launchpad gave out three awards:

Entertainment Prize: Stupid Code

Celina Walker (History)

Danny Kumpf (Computer Science & History)

Jadin Casey (Computer Science)

Nate Roller (Computer Science)


Services Prize: MSU Bytes

Trevor Gahl (Computer Engineering)

Skylar Tamke (Electrical Engineering)

Bryce Miller (Electrical Engineering)


Grand Prize: Star Blocks

Daniel Church (Computer Science)

Will Brensdal (Computer Science)

Dylan Wickham (Computer Science)

Bailly Noble (Mechanical Engineer)