“The ground is lava,” false identities and a shrinking UPD to-do list

On March 1, an individual reported a strong odor of gas in Langford Hall. Officers told the individual not to hold their breath, respondance may take a while. Building was found to be safe.

On March 3, it was reported a suspicious individual was putting a child into a car. The individual was found to be the parent of the child.

On March 4, an officer located a minor in possession of alcohol, urinating in public by Wilson Hall. The individual was cited for public urination.

On March 5, an individual was reported walking on the furniture outside of Jabs Hall. Suspect is believed to have won the game “the ground is lava.”

On March 8, an officer located an individual using a false parking permit. The individual was warned for Theft of Services.

On March 18, an officer heard an individual yelling in the Lincoln F lot. The individual had been in a verbal argument.

On March 24, an individual was reported laying in the dirt. By the time an officer arrived, the individual had vanished into dust.

On March 30, the smell of marijuana was reported in South Hedges Hall. The responding officer had a cold and was unable to detect any odor.

On March 31, an individual was found using a false ID. The responding officer still doesn’t know the true identity of the perpetrator.

On April 2, a storm drain lid was reported missing by the Plant Growth Center. It was found and replaced.

On April 6, an individual reported stolen textbooks. An officer responded and took a report, citing the value of the books at “an arm and a leg.”

On April 12, it was reported that a lost child was found. The responding officer returned the child to their residence.

On April 14, an individual reported their stolen bicycle was found. UPD checked one item off of to-do list.