ASMSU presidential candidates prepare for general election

The results of the ASMSU primary election were released the evening of March 30. The two pairs advancing to the general election are Garrett Leach and Geneva Zoltek who received 857 votes, and Colton Coffee and Emily Stimac who advanced with 363 votes. The other candidates, John Miller and Charsi Workman received 346 total votes and Megan Potts and Donelle Williams received 158 votes. Voter turnout was 11.8 percent, 4.3 percent higher than last year’s turnout of 7.5 percent. Of the 14,635 eligible voters, 1,728 students voted.

Leach, a sophomore from Missoula, is majoring in finance and accounting. He is a senator for the College of Business. Zoltek is a junior from Kalispell majoring in liberal studies with a minor in political science. She is currently an ASMSU senator in university studies.

Coffee, a junior from Billings, is majoring in finance and marketing. He was an at large ASMSU senator last year. Stimac is a sophomore majoring in political science from Reno, Nevada.

Coffee and Leach both voiced their enthusiasm for advancing to the general election. “I couldn’t be happier. It validated that the students agree with our issues and that we are on the right track,” Coffee said. Leach expressed similar sentiments, “We’re so thankful for the support from the students. We’re excited that we have the opportunity to continue on in the elections.”

If elected today, Coffee said that he and Stimac would begin working on clubs and their representation. “Clubs on campus aren’t represented as well as they could be. Many of our clubs are doing incredible things and they deserve that representation and acknowledgement from students. I’d like to focus on recognition, representation and support for our club sports.”

Leach said, if elected, he would focus on “student government outreach.” He said that President Waded Cruzado has agreed to do an event he proposed, “Pizza with the President,” which would provide a platform for students to interact and engage with student and university leaders. “If elected, I would try to do one of those events before the year ends,” Leach said.

The next debate will take place at noon on Tuesday, April 12 in the SUB Union Market. Students can cast their votes for the general election on April 12-13 for both the ASMSU president and vice president and ASMSU senators. Students can vote at