48th annual KGLT fund drive wraps up

KGLT aims to raise $191,900 by April 9 in its 48th annual fund drive, which began on March 27. A number based on KGLT’s radio frequency, the goal is an increase from last year’s fund drive total of $180,000. The fund drive continues to grow each year, with the station having raised $3,000 during its inaugural year in 1968.

KGLT is an alternative public radio station owned by MSU. According to KGLT General Manager Ellen King-Rodgers, the station earns more than half of its yearly budget over the two-week fund drive period. The money raised during the fund drive goes into the operations budget, which is partially funded by student fees through ASMSU. King-Rodgers explained that the more money KGLT can make during the fund drive, the less it has to ask for from ASMSU.

People can pledge money by phone at 994-4492 or online at kglt.net, and MSU employees can pledge through a payroll deduction. The fundraiser has seen significant community support, with software companies Zoot and Oracle matching the pledges of their employees and over 300 businesses is Bozeman, Livingston and Helena donating items and gift cards that people can receive in exchange for their pledges. Additionally, people who pledge certain amounts can receive hats and t-shirts featuring the winners of this year’s logo contest.

As of Wednesday at 7 p.m., KGLT had raised $126,327. Progress is public and can be monitored at kglt.net. “I think that the 85 volunteers are working their butts off to get financial support of the station,” King-Rodgers said. The fund drive will conclude this Saturday.