ASMSU presidential candidates prepare for primary election

Campaigning for ASMSU President and Vice President began the evening of March 21 and there are four pairs campaigning. The candidates running are Colton Coffee and Emily Stimac, John Miller and Charsi Workman, Garrett Leach and Geneva Zoltek, and Megan Potts and Donelle Williams, running for president and vice president respectively.

Colton Coffee and Emily Stimac:

Colton Coffee, a junior from Billings, is majoring in finance and marketing. He was an at-large ASMSU Senator last year. Emily Stimac is a sophomore majoring in political science from Reno, Nevada. Stimac is currently a senator for the College of Letters and Science. Coffee said he decided to run because “We’re good candidates for cultivating change and we’re well-rounded with tons of experience in the university … I think we can represent the face of MSU well.” The pair wants to focus on legacy, engagement and progress and Coffee feels that can be done through their “drive and creativity. We already know how to plan events and fund programs. We understand ASMSU and we know how the organization runs so we won’t need to spend any time catching up.”

John Miller and Charsi Workman:

John Miller is a senior majoring in business management and economics from Judith Gap. He is currently serving on the ASMSU Senate as the honors representative and he served two years ago as the senator for arts and architecture. Charsi Workman is a junior studying agriculture business from Grass Range. The pair grew up together in Central Montana and “developed leadership skills together starting at a young age through 4-H,” according to Miller. They want to focus on planning, advising and engagement. “We are huge advocates for student engagement — the general student population still isn’t engaged enough and we want to reach the largest amount of students through ASMSU,” Miller said.

Garrett Leach and Geneva Zoltek:

Garrett Leach is a sophomore majoring in finance and accounting from Missoula. He was elected to the ASMSU Senate last spring as the senator for the college of business. Geneva Zoltek is a junior from Kalispell majoring in liberal studies with a minor in political science. Similar to Leach, she is currently an ASMSU Senator. Leach said they are interested in expanding legal services, increasing support for club sports, continuing SUB PUB events and fighting to keep tuition low as the coming year is a legislative year. “After working with ASMSU for a year we’ve been involved with impactful changes and we want to continue bringing positive changes to campus … we know how to push forward student-driven initiatives,” Leach said.

Megan Potts and Donelle Williams:

Megan Potts is a junior from Browning majoring in psychology. Potts is currently a senator for the College of Letters and Science. Donelle Williams is a senior from Havre majoring in health enhancement with minors in art education, coaching and Native American studies. Potts spoke of her potential as ASMSU president, “We’re great advocates for students. I’d work to make MSU a more inclusive campus. I have a passion for people and no matter what their background is, they should be happy here and they should be able to thrive at MSU.” Potts said they will focus on increasing inclusivity and diversity at MSU to ensure that all students feel welcome on campus.

The primary elections will take place March 29 and 30, leaving candidates a limited window to reach the student body. The primary debate will occur in the SUB Union Market on Tuesday, March 29, at noon. The primary debate will allow students to learn about the candidates and their platforms.