First ever SUB PUB event promotes responsible drinking

The first SUB PUB event, held by ASMSU in the SUB Rec. Center, was a success. ASMSU Senator Garrett Leach said the event on March 10 promoted “safe, legal and responsible drinking.” Trivia, bowling and billiards were enjoyed by 253 students and faculty alike.

Marianne Brough, director of ASMSU, explained that the goal of the event was to support a “happier medium on alcohol policy,” as opposed to looking at only abstinence or abuse. Wristbands were given to those of age (21+) with a strictly enforced three-drink limit. In addition, free appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages were available for everyone.

Getting an alcohol license is not an easy endeavor, according to Brough. A business must apply for a state license which is acquired through a very expensive raffle, she said, meaning a license is neither fiscally wise for MSU nor guaranteed to receive through purchase. On the other hand, it is legal for a vendor to come and serve at an event; MSU’s designated vendor for such events is Plonk.

Numerous events have been held on campus that included the sale of alcohol. University policy 1091.00: Authorization Requirements states that: “Consumption and/or service of alcoholic beverages will be approved only with a substantive event at which alcoholic beverages are not the primary focus of the event.” ASMSU’s goal to bring students and faculty together in a casual atmosphere is in line with this policy and is supported by the fact that ASMSU did not profit from the event.

This event has been discussed for a long time, said Levi Birky, ASMSU president. He said: “Garrett has made this happen” through a five month process and deliberation with Dean of Students Matthew Caires to an “overwhelmingly positive response” from attendees. Birky also discussed future plans of the program. There will be two more similar events this spring, and as many as six events next fall. The next SUB PUB event will be Wednesday, April 20 from 5 – 8 p.m., with trivia starting at 6 p.m.