Scholarships available for veterans and spouses

The application deadline for scholarships offered through MSU’s Veteran Services is fast approaching. For the 2016 – 2017 school year, six scholarships totaling $16,990 are available for veterans, their spouses and their children. The original scholarship, The Veterans Family Freedom Scholarship, was established to support the spouses of veterans who are affected by military commitments but don’t receive the same financial support as veterans. “Many spouses put their life on hold because of [changing duty stations], and some may continue with their education which means transferring schools multiple times, losing credits each time,” said Jessica Sullivan,  a military spouse and the Veteran Coordinator at Disability, Re-Entry and Veteran Services. She added, “Veterans are thankfully awarded the GI Bill to help with college tuition, while the spouse usually has no support and has to take out loans. So the scholarship was started to help with this financial hardship and provide support for the woman (or man) standing behind the soldier (also known as the silent ranks).”
Six scholarship options are available. All applications are due by March 21 at 5 p.m. to Sullivan in SUB 180. Applications and additional information about specific scholarships can be found at: