ASMSU Senate recognizes Indigenous People’s Day

ASMSU has added their voice to the effort the change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous People‚Äôs Day, to be celebrated on the 2nd Monday in October. On Thursday, Feb. 25, the Senate unanimously voted to support the recognition of Indigenous People’s Day at MSU. The resolution stated that, “the Montana State Constitution recognizes the distinct cultural heritage of Indigenous Peoples and is committed to educational goals that preserve their cultural integrity,” and that, “ASMSU opposes all forms of racism including institutional policies that subjugate Indigenous Peoples’ sovereignty.” MSU now joins a list of universities that recognize Indigenous People’s Day that includes Brown University, University of California Berkeley and University of Montana, among others. The ASMSU Senate recommended that, “Indigenous People’s Day be used as an opportunity to both celebrate the culture of the many indigenous nations throughout Montana and provide MSU students and faculty with the opportunity to learn about their history and way of life.