ASMSU Resolution supporting LGBTQIA students passed

In response to the letter of institutional demands The Queer Straight Alliance  sent to the MSU administration requesting an increase in support for a safe and inclusive environment on campus for the LGTBQIA community, the ASMSU Senate passed a resolution of support with a 17-0 majority vote on Thursday, Feb. 18.

The intent of the resolution was “to express the support of the Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU) for the continued collaboration toward addressing the current needs of Montana State University Students, specifically the needs of LGBTQIA students.”

ASMSU cited a survey conducted by the MSU Diversity Awareness Office in Spring 2015, where results indicated that, “52 percent of LGBTQIA students felt they had to conceal an aspect of their identity to avoid harassment or discrimination on campus, 39 percent of incidents experienced by LGBTQIA students occurred in the classroom and the responding LGBTQIA students reported fearing for their safety twice as much as non-LGBTQIA students on campus.” The MSU administration is working to address the wellbeing of all MSU students to create a safe and comfortable environment regardless of sexual preference, gender identity, gender expression or transgender status.