Faculty senate approves addition of culinary arts program

In November 2015, the ASMSU senate voted in favor of a proposal to offer a hospitality management program through the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship. This two-part proposal requested adding an associate’s degree in culinary arts through the Gallatin College and a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management through MSU.

On Wednesday, Jan. 27, faculty senate voted in favor of adding the two-year culinary arts program, which would become one of several in the state. The original proposal failed twice in faculty senate before passing, but has garnered support from the community and MSU. Several Montana business owners voiced their support, saying graduates from the program would be highly employable. Currently, anyone wishing to study hospitality management must go out of state.

For the degree option to be offered, President Waded Cruzado must submit a proposal to the Board of Regents, who will either approve or deny the new areas of study.