MSU begins an illuminating tradition

Wednesday, Dec. 2, a large group of faculty, staff, students, family, friends and alumni gathered and watched Montana Hall light up with holiday lights in a new yearly tradition that will “bring everybody who is a part of MSU together so that from this point forward, every year, we can illuminate Montana hall every night, for 30 days, providing light during the darkest nights of the year,” President Waded Cruzado said.

The nightly lighting of Montana Hall during the month of December will become a tradition at MSU. “Great universities distinguish themselves because they have great traditions,” Cruzado remarked, “and tonight, together, we are inaugurating a new wonderful tradition.”

The event itself was well prepared, with paper bag lanterns lining the sidewalk up to the hall, and an event tent, in which hot chocolate, cotton candy, and decorated cookies sat.  Even a horse-drawn carriage sat waiting by spectators, who gathered in drones to celebrate this new tradition.

Before the lighting, guests were treated to the cadences of the Spirit of the West Drumline, the cheers of the cheerleaders, an impromptu singing of Christmas music by the young children in attendance and the beautiful carols of the singing group “The Montanans.” Glow sticks were also handed out, and Champ was there to take pictures and bring enjoyment.

At around 6:00 p.m., ASMSU President Levi Birky and Vice President Holly Capp started the ceremonies with a poem about the event, which brought much applause and laughter. Cruzado gave a brief speech, and then, with the help of the cheerleaders and a comically large stage plug, the countdown to the lighting began. At the end, the hall lit up with classy and sleek lighting that highlighted the architectural styles of the historic hall.

Cruzado said “it’s about celebrating our iconic building, and about having a new tradition that celebrates community.”


‘Twas the week before finals and all through the school

President Cruzado was planning to celebrate yule

the lights were all hung in both blue and bright gold

and bobcats all gathered in the freezing cold

Waded’s new tradition of spirit and lights

Will brighten our campus and strengthen our mights

We are proud that she leads us with a vision that’s

just right for a land grant, cheering go bobcats

We’ve gathered ‘round here with champ and the cheer

our drumline in carols to celebrate this year

our hearts will swell with magical serenade

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good grade.