Police Reports: Halloweekend Horrors

On Oct. 30, MSUPD responded to a report of a suspicious phone call near campus. The reporting party was advised to keep their personal information to themselves.

On Oct. 30, a caller reported a dispute involving a “muscular tan man.” The officer found that the man was refusing to give his girlfriend the car keys when she wanted to go home. The woman in question decided to stay there after looking at her lover’s sculpted figure.

On Oct. 30, a man was arrested near campus for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, possesion of dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia. MSUPD officers transported the man to the Gallatin County Detention Center and told to his pull his life together.

Oct. 30, police responded to a report of an individual with a gun. No such individual was located and officers told the caller (who was probably a Californian) that it is hunting season.

On Oct. 31, Bozeman police officers were called to identify a man outside a downtown bar. A bouncer took a man’s Turkish passport and wouldn’t let him into the bar. The man was returned his passport and the officer told the bouncer not to be so greedy for reward money from the bar owner for confiscating fake IDs.

On Oct. 31, a man wearing American flag pants was apprehended for drunkenly standing in the middle of the Hawk’s Ridge Condominiums, also know as “the Block,” neighborhood’s roadway and causing a scene. The man was warned for disorderly conduct and thanked for his continued support of America.

On Oct. 31, a drunk man fell out of a chair and sustained a head injury. Officers responded and warned all parties present of the dangers of sitting under the influence. No charges were filed.

On Oct. 31, a fight involving seven individuals broke out during the weekend “drunchies” rush at Taco Montes. One individual (likely the victor) was arrested for felony possession of cocaine.

On Oct. 31, police warned a man for careless driving in the uncontrolled intersections south of College Street. The officer gave the man a lesson in properly navigating such strange intersections safely.

On Oct. 31, Bozeman police officers responded to a report of drunk people egging cars. The victim of the crime did not want to press charges and the perpetrators were released with a warning and advice to grow up.

On Oct. 31, an elderly local resident reported that drunk college students were urinating on his trees. He requested that the officers “get these damn kids off my lawn” and made empty threats to the public urinators while on the phone with police.