MSU Student charged with November 2014 rape

The Gallatin County Attorney’s Office filed rape charges against MSU student Evan Koch Monday, Oct. 26 for allegedly raping a woman in the Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR) fraternity house last November. The victim, who is not a student, said Koch invited her to AGR for drinks after helping her study for a military aptitude test.

The victim said that after having a new drink that Koch said he invented, she was too drunk to make the trip home and decided to stay at AGR with Koch. The woman said she told Koch she didn’t want to have sex with him, but was too tired and intoxicated to resist his advances. She said that Koch penetrated her with his fingers after she was unable to stop him from getting his hands under her clothes. The victim did not believe that she was drugged or had “blacked out.”
Eric Kitzmiller, Gallatin County chief deputy attorney, wrote in an affidavit that Koch told investigators he didn’t remember committing the crime, but fell asleep and woke up while assaulting the woman. Koch’s roommate was interviewed by a detective and denied witnessing the alleged assault.