Drugging and rape reported on campus

The MSU Police Department received a report of a rape that they believe to have occurred at the Johnstone Center around midnight on Friday, Oct. 16. Few details were available, as the victim appeared to have been given date rape drugs and had little recollection of the previous night. The victim had been given food that resembled a rice krispie treat, and could not remember details of subsequent events.

At the request of the victim, who did not want action to be taken, the crime is not under further investigation. However, an MSU Alert was released Saturday afternoon to inform the community of the incident. According to University Police Chief Robert Putzke, issuing the MSU Alert is important for the safety of the MSU community. While previous alerts released by MSUPD addressed the risk of date rape drugs in the presence of alcohol, this situation was different as the victim had not consumed any alcohol. The MSU alert included the advice, “MSU Police remind people not to accept drinks or edibles from strangers,” issuing a warning that people could be at risk of receiving date rape drugs even if they are not drinking.