MSU student arrested for campus assault

Following an assault on another student on Oct. 15, MSU police arrested Allen Tarkon, a senior in psychology. Tarkon heard a slur and at first thought it had been said by a preacher evangelizing on the mall. According to MSU Police Chief Robert Putzke, Tarkon then heard the slur again and incorrectly attributed it a student bystander in the crowd. He “spun the student around” and punched him several times. MSU Police arrived on the scene soon afterwards and took Tarkon into custody, charging him with simple assault, a misdemeanor. The incident took place around noon. Tarkon was detained at the Gallatin County Detention Center and has since been released.


Putzke said the nature of the slurs and the identity of the person who said them is not known at this time. More information should come as the case progresses.