Student Profile: Holly Capp takes on new responsibilities in ASMSU

ASMSU’s new student body vice president is Holly Capp, a student who has extended her college involvement far beyond the classroom. She is the coordinator for Advocats, a student organization that leads campus tours and encourages freshmen to attend MSU, and she is actively involved in the Jabs College of Business and Entrupreneurship. Capp official took office in ASMSU Oct. 1.

Capp came to MSU as a freshman in 2012, and plans to graduate this spring with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Capp grew up in Great Falls, Mont., and she decided to come to MSU because she received a scholarship. “It definitely was meant to be. I love it here. I wouldn’t change my college path whatsoever,” Capp said.

Capp began her involvement with ASMSU last winter, when she was appointed to the legislative committee, which addresses political issues on the state level relating to students. She has since served as senate secretary, elections associate for last spring’s ASMSU elections, and elections director for the most recent elections this fall. She has worked with ASMSU President Levi Birky in all of these positions, as he was a member of the legislative committee and liaison to elections as an ASMSU senator. Until Oct. 1, Capp worked with Birky in his vice presidential role. Follow Gwynn Simeniuk’s resignation and Birky’s move to president, the two will work even more closely. “Our styles really complement each other; I think it definitely works out to be on a team,” Capp said.      

The platform of the team focuses on stewardship, service and engagement. Right now they are in the stewardship stage, listening to what students want and building their trust in the ASMSU organization. Eventually, Capp’s focus will be on engagement. “I’m really taking on the spirit side and the engagement side of what our platform is currently. Working with athletics is something we plan to be doing,” Capp said. This role is one well-suited to her, as she is an enthusiastic supporter of MSU sports, and attending football games is one of her favorite hobbies. “I definitely love my bobcat football,” she said.

With all her involvement in ASMSU, Capp has developed a very positive opinion of the role of student government in the lives of students. “Especially in Montana, [student government] has a very vital role within the community, within the university and within our state,” she said. Capp believes in the importance of student government officials as they are the voice of the students. “That’s the most important role is that we serve the students and they have a voice and somewhere they can come to in a diplomatic fashion.”       

Capp’s new role has her directing a different side of MSU, although her previous experience as a program director has her well-prepared for the job. “My primary role is to direct the program directors, manage to make sure that we’re putting on events that best serve MSU students and also being fiscally responsible, so making sure that they are using their budget to the best of their ability and make sure that they are staying within the budgetary means,” Capp explained.       

Capps’s role as ASMSU vice president may not be as clearly defined as it otherwise would have been due to the mid-year transition for both herself and the Birky. “Our roles have switched a little this year, just because it’s a transition and Levi was really used to doing some stuff,” she explained.       

After Capp graduates from MSU in May, she will work for Boeing in Seattle, where she worked over the summer as part of an internship in program management. Capp’s program focused on the 787 airplane models. “I did a lot of business operations, making sure that our suppliers don’t put us at risk when building the airplanes,” she explained. Capp plans to earn a law degree and intends to go to law school after being in the workforce for a few years. She is not sure exactly where this path will lead her, as she has had changing career plans. “Ultimately I’d like to do educational policy, but that’s years down the road, pre-retirement,” she said.      

In the meantime, Capp continues to settle into her new role on campus. “It’s a different role, it’s a big transition process, and my [life] became really busy in one week. It’s been a change, but I’m excited for the opportunity,” she said.