SAE suspended pending investigation

MSU is investigating recent crimes that allegedly took place at Hawk’s Ridge Condominiums on W. Kagy Boulevard on Sept. 11 and Sept. 18. The Dean of Students Office received two reports of females being drugged at Hawk’s Ridge on Sept. 11. The victims stated that this occurred at residence where Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members lived, although they were not able to provide an exact address. SAE members occupy three of the forty-four residences in the neighborhood known as “the block”, although their chapter house is located across campus. A MSU Alert stated that a week later, a physical assault and drugging occurred in the neighborhood, resulting in two people sustaining head injuries.

While no evidence indicating that the crimes took place in an SAE residence or tying them to SAE members has been confirmed, the fraternity has been placed on interim suspension while Dean of Students Matt Caires launches an investigation into the claims. Caires stated, “Students come forward with allegations, and the university has a responsibility to take those allegations seriously and to investigate. Once we investigate and if we find those allegations are true we have a responsibility to hold the violators responsible.”

Caires continued, “Some might argue that we have decided that SAE is guilty. Nothing can be further from the truth. When any student organization is involved with allegations that include multiple student injuries or allegations of date rape drugs, the university will temporarily suspend that student organization until we conclude our investigation.”  He emphasized that the same action would have been taken with any student organization, not only with a fraternity, and that the university takes its role in maintaining a safe community seriously.