Police Reports

On Sept. 11, MSU police received a report that a barbecue grill was stolen from Grant Chamberlain Drive. The case remains active and police are following leads or scents of barbecue.

On Sept. 11, an individual reported being drugged at the 1700 block of Kagy Avenue. The University Police Department transferred the case to the Bozeman Police Department.

On Sept. 12, officers spotted a group of individuals climbing the fire escape of Hamilton Hall. The individuals were warned for trespassing, learning that it is best to stick to climbing rocks instead of fire escapes.

On Sept. 12, police responded to a report of an intoxicated individual making threatening comments towards the ducks. Police could not find the individual. Ducks still demand justice.

On Sept. 12, an individual reported their bike had been stolen. Shortly after, however, they contacted police again, informing them that they had found their bike.

On Sept. 12, an individual was seen playing on the playground equipment at the ASMSU day care. The individual was given a warning for trespassing and given directions to the nearest amusement park.

On Sept. 13, an individual found a wallet at the Huffman Building. Being an upstanding citizen, they turned it in and the wallet was reunited with its owner.

On Sept. 14, police received a report that a bear cub was exploring the Roskie lot. By the time they arrived at the scene, the elusive creature was nowhere to be found.

On Sept. 14, an individual turned in a bong to the Freshman Apartments. The owner of the device remains unknown.

On Sept. 15, a suspicious package arrived in the mail at Roskie Hall. Staff referred the package to the police, who confirmed that that the package “contained dangerous drugs.” A referral was submitted to the Dean of Students.

On Sept. 16, police received a report of a mysterious figure on the roof of Reid Hall. The individual turned out to be a service worker.
On Sept. 17, an officer witnessed two individuals attempting to steal a street sign at 11th Street. and the Wool Lab. The individuals were cited for theft, minor in possession of alcohol, and were referred to the Dean of Students. The street sign was spared.