Club Profile: Students for Rand Paul push for greater political involvement

Even though the presidential election is still a little over a year away, politicians are already campaigning and hosting events, trying to win themselves the spot of presidential nominee.  Last week marked the series of debates for Republican candidates, and among the spectators, Students for Rand Paul club.


While it is new to MSU, Students For Rand Paul is spread across college campuses throughout the United States, hoping to gain support for the senator’s presidential campaign. While the official goal is to get our generation involved and to vote for Paul, the MSU chapter has a goal just to get students involved in politics, regardless of political views.  Club president and english student Erin Yeoman said, “The people of our generation are apathetic when it comes to politics. We are the future, and we need to get involved.”

The club will happily answer questions as it relates to their candidate and why they think he is most qualified candidate for president. The club plans to host activities throughout the year to try and get people involved in politics, regardless of their stances on the issues.  “Our goal is to generate support, but we also want to generate an interest in politics.” Yeoman said. In just two days, they were able to get over 100 people interested in what they were doing.

With about 25 students currently involved, the Students for Rand Paul are seeking more members. Their first meeting is scheduled next month, which will be an ice cream social and casual conversation. Students For Rand Paul is on Facebook and Twitter (@msuforrandpaul), and if you have any questions, send an email to


Yeoman discussed his performance last year: “I feel like he did really well.  He was respectful and waited his turn, which I think spoke volumes about who he is and his potential as a leader.”