ASMSU office receives major overhaul

Every week while school is in session, over 40 students and faculty operate in the ASMSU office. The ASMSU office, located in SUB room 221, recently went under renovations this past summer to improve the visual appearance and functionality of the workspace.

Originally presented by former ASMSU President Destini French and Vice President Jordan Garceau in Jan., 2015, the renovations took place through July and were finished in early August. French and Garceau proposed their plan with the intention of raising awareness of the office and making it more accessible to students. Once their plan was backed with the support of their colleagues, ASMSU Business Manager John Cowles took the lead on turning their idea into reality.

“We needed a better place to spend time, and work,”  said Cowles, an industrial engineering major who enjoys financial investment and entrepreneurship. Cowles was hired Jan. 2015, and rehired for this academic year in April.

According to Cowles’ final proposal, “[ASMSU] has excess reserve monies to spend on office upgrades, has recently undergone an organizational structure change, and is actively seeking to rebrand itself on campus.”

The main office upgrades pertained to glass replacement, signage, furniture, and A/V equipment. Most notably, a new sliding glass entry way facing the hallway was installed. “Moving the door to the main corridor was the single biggest change for accessibility,” Cowles explained as the old door placement was too hidden and often dissuaded individuals from coming into the office.

The end cost for the office overhaul was  $53,500, including $18,250 for the office storefront, $750 for the door windows, $4,200 on exterior signage and vinyl graphics, $4,447 on A/V equipment, $20,848 for office furniture, and $3,000 on minor office furnishings. The project finished $2,000 under budget, and now serves as a model for future renovations in the SUB. All renovations and changes are expected to last the ASMSU office upwards of 50 years.

Chelsey Wilson, the ASMSU support team manager said that the renovations “simplified the way of the office” and “added a new perspective to our campus community on ASMSU.” Wilson also stated that she and her team have noticed an increase in applications to the ASMSU office since the renovations, as well as an increase in quality of atmosphere for ASMSU employees. “We care about our students … and we want to be accessible and available for them; these renovations allow that.” Wilson also expressed that she’s been impressed with the amount of individuals coming into the office that are providing positive feedback and compliments on the changes.

ASMSU Administrative Associate Cormac Sullivan has worked his position for over a year and loves the new look and feel of the office. “I’ve seen an increase in traffic,” Sullivan said, “The old office door created a lot of confusion,” he continued. Sullivan’s favorite changes are the new windows and glass doors in the front of the office; “They allow us to see students, and the students to see us.”

ASMSU will be hosting an open house Thursday, Oct. 8, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. open to students, faculty and members of the Bozeman community to see their new office first-hand.