Statement: ASMSU President apologizes for DUI

Dear Students of Montana State University:

As your ASMSU president, I made a commitment last spring to serve you by acting at all times in the best interests of the student body and to do nothing which violated the trust you gave me when you elected me to this office. My recent actions have not upheld this commitment and I want to share the following with all of you: I deeply regret to inform you that on the weekend of August 15th, I was charged with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol). I am truly sorry to you, the student body. I have let you down. I realize that my actions reflect upon the students and the university as a whole. I fully recognize the severity of my actions and am ashamed that I have exercised such poor judgement. I am currently having conversations with our Dean of Students about the student code of conduct process, am working with my attorney through the legal process, and am accessing support services at the university to assure that I do not repeat this mistake. However, I know that this does not change my irresponsibility and I understand that many of you will be disappointed in me, and rightly so.

Many students may feel that they cannot trust me. I understand that and will work every day to earn back that trust. I want to follow through on the commitment I made this past spring to serve the student body as your ASMSU President. I believe that I can still be a voice for our students, but I know that I cannot effectively represent the students who elected me without your support and trust. In the coming weeks, I would like to hear your questions, thoughts, and concerns regarding this issue.


In all sincerity,

Gwynn Simeniuk

ASMSU President