August antics attract attention

On Aug. 26 an officer noticed occupants of a red Acura throwing beer cans out of their window while driving near the Middle Cottonwood trailhead. The officer stopped the vehicle at the trailhead. One occupant, a 16-year-old, was released to her parents. After the officer spoke to the other two occupants’ parents, they were instructed to drive straight home.

While near Gallatin Gateway on Aug. 26, a male individual pocket-dialed 911. When police called him back, the man explained that he did not know exactly where he was, but there was no emergency. He stated that he was “down near the river looking for insects,” which is his job.

On Aug. 26, police officers assisted Fish and Wildlife officers in moving a black bear cub that was running through the city. During its abbreviated tour of Bozeman, the cub took time to visit the fire station, the Bridger Apartments, NAPA Auto and the Gallatin County Law and Justice Center.

Bears are not the only beasts running wild in Bozeman. On Aug. 27, someone reported that their German shepherd mix had escaped and was running through traffic near Old Chicago. The restaurant then called to report not one but two dogs had escaped a vehicle in the Old Chicago parking lot and were reported to be “at large.” The first dog was contained and the last, breed unknown, was found near the post office.

On Aug. 26 in Belgrade, a man witnessed a high school age individual steal his Toyota Camry. The man chased him down the block before the suspect wrecked the vehicle in a ditch. The suspect took the man’s cell phone and escaped across the ditch onto the railroad tracks. Unable to extricate his vehicle, the man then reported the incident to the police.

On Aug. 27, the owner of a 1995 Mitsubishi Montero reported that his vehicle had been taken on an unauthorized drive by a woman. The woman, who was driving under the influence, drove the vehicle for one block before wrecking it near East Main Street and North Rouse Avenue. Apparently the owner of the car had only owned it for six days.

On the night of Aug. 27, a little before 7 p.m., a person called to report that they were behind a gold Subaru Outback southbound on North 19th Avenue. Two males were in the front seat smoking marijuana. The entire vehicle was filled with smoke, swerving on the road as its occupants did “weird things” with their hands. The Subaru was last seen heading west on College St. The person reporting the vehicle gave the license number, but police were unable to locate it.

Around 11:10 p.m. on Aug. 27, three females were discovered star-gazing while standing in the roadway near East Lamme Street and North Rouse Avenue. They were issued a warning and the matter was resolved.

On Aug. 27, a lady contacted the police while trying to find her vehicle which she had parked at the Tire Rama in Belgrade. She had taken her Mazda to the Tire Rama earlier in the summer and had never picked it up. A quick call to Junk Vehicles revealed that Tire Rama had in fact turned the car over to the county as junk, and it had since been destroyed. The caller was referred to the County Junk Vehicle Program for further questions.

On Aug. 27, a person received a foul-mouthed message on his new phone from someone asking about “having some green.” When this person discovered that the individual they were texting was not in fact a drug-dealer, they became angry. The phone’s owner told the person to lose his number and contacted the police.

While drinking together on Aug. 28, a male individual and his girlfriend got into a disagreement. The individual went for a walk. Upon his return he discovered he was locked out and was unable to get his belongings from the house. He told the police that he could not drive and that he had nowhere to go. Police were dispatched to Juniper Berry Drive to search for him.