Minor mischief in July

Officers were dispatched to a burglary. Officers made contact with two people who rented the home on a vacation rental website. They were trying to access the residence but did not have instructions or keys. They were advised to contact the management company in the morning and stay at a hotel. The couple is now looking for a new travel agent.

A female was concerned gas was being siphoned out of her son`s truck after gas cans were found near the truck. The gas cans have refused questioning.

Officers responded to a burglary, only to find an employee entered the wrong alarm code.  

911 Operator spoke to a Bozeman woman regarding a drone being flown on her property the previous weekend, which made her feel uncomfortable.

Officers reported to the Beal Street park after receiving reports of two adults involved in an altercation. The adults then apologized and made amends according to traditional playground policies.

A woman reported that $50 in coins was taken from her. Coinstar has declined to make any comments.

Landlord called police after smelling an “oily” odor. The source of the odor is still unknown.

Police were flagged down by a female subject who had questions but was too intoxicated to articulate her questions and eventually moved on.

Male was observed carrying an open container of Coors original, tall can. Male set the can on the sidewalk as soon as he saw officers and continued walking. Male was cited for open container of alcohol. Male then crumpled up his citation and threw it at a vehicle. Other males attempted to fight him, and his friends escorted him away.

MSUPD attempt to approach man who had an open Corona. Man acted aggressive towards police and was unwilling to disclose personal information. The officer stated the male was too close and pushed him away. Bystanders drew cell phones and began recording incident, claiming the officer used physical force for no reason.  A friend of the male suspect also became antagonistic, rude and insulting toward officers. Once citation was complete, male refused to take the citation and his ID from officer. Male told officer he could lay it at his feet and called the officer a “dick.” The officer dropped the citation and ID at male’s feet and bid him good evening. Male later called in a complaint on the officer.