ASMSU election results announced

Gwynn Simeniuk and Levi Birky won the ASMSU presidential election, edging out contenders John Miller and Kyra Morrissey by 98 votes. 1,814 ballots were cast, accounting for 12.7 percent of the student body.

Simeniuk and Birky are looking forward to transitioning into the new position. “We have been privileged with the honor of being elected to this office of great responsibility. We realize that we must follow through and not only talk the talk, but walk the walk,” Simeniuk said.

During the final debate on March 3, Birky spoke of the previous experience that he and his partner have with the ASMSU senate, and how these experiences have prepared them for the upcoming challenges. “If elected, there will be no learning curve because we already know how ASMSU works,” Birky said.

“We are really looking forward to serving the student body during the upcoming academic year,” Simeniuk said.

Voting began at 7 a.m. on March 3 and ended at 7 p.m. the following day. The results were announced at 11:30 p.m. on March 4.

Senators (Agriculture)

John Manley — 154


Senators (Arts and Architecture)

Adam Sanders — 69


Senator (Business)

Garrett Leach — 121

Blake Dufner — 96


Senator (Education, Health and Human Development)

Lacey Chapman — 109

Wyatt Murdoch — 97

Hope Lynn — 86

Lauryn Windham — 78


Senator (Engineering)

Shawna Pratt — 171

Joshua Soares — 137

Connor O’Leary — 111                                                                  Thomas Marts — 100


Senator (Letters and Science)

Emily Stimac — 195

Cody Howell — 184

Katie O’Keefe — 184

Allie Dove — 171


Senator (Nursing)

Madison Lacy — 50


Senator (University Studies)

Geneva Zoltek — 40


Senator (At-Large)

Brad Jones — 560

Nick Ward — 544

Amaryllis Oswald — 537


Bookstore Board (One-year Student Director)

Matt Sawires — 983

Justin O’Dea — 872


Should ASMSU establish a Student Bill of Rights?

FOR establishment of a Student Bill of R — 1,363

AGAINST establishment of a Student Bill — 226


Ballots cast = 1,814   Eligible voters = 14,331

Turnout = 12.7%