Primary election results: The future of ASMSU

On Feb. 25, voting for the primary elections determined the two ASMSU presidential candidates that will move on to the final elections. Of the four teams, the two that received the highest number of votes are Gwynn Simeniuk with runningmate Levi Birky and John Miller with partner Kyra Morrissey. The president and vice president teams of Charlie Bernstein and Matthew Bussey as well as Taylor Falcon and Imel Wheat will not be moving on to the final elections.

The primary debate took place Feb. 25, at noon in the Union Market of the SUB and students were able to vote from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The debates gave each candidate the opportunity to state their positions and answer questions about their goals should they be elected.

During Miller’s introduction he spoke of his experience with ASMSU as a senator and his connections through different branches of MSU such as Greek life and the Alumni Association. The importance of communication was something that he focused on heavily, addressing the fact that ASMSU has a $2 million budget and students should have input on how it is spent.


Miller discussed how he and Morrissey will exemplify an effective administrative team, “Our number one goal is open lines of communication.” He spoke of checks and balances within ASMSU and how he wants to increase involvement to hear the many voices within the university community. Miller said that encouraging student involvement would help ASMSU better address the needs of the students. To close, Morrissey stated, “We need your help, we need to you to be involved and we need you to be engaged.”

Together Birky and Simeniuk hold three years of ASMSU experience and advocated their platform of experience and leadership. Simeniuk voiced that if elected, they would achieve tangible results, addressing issues of on and off campus housing as well as the availability of parking for students. “We have the knowledge of the organization to know how to be effective leaders within ASMSU,” Simeniuk stated.

She highlighted the importance of “allocating funds as best we can,” in order to have results that students can see. Simeniuk said, “Overall we want to have more student engagement.” For closing remarks Simeniuk and Birky said, “Vote leadership, vote experience.”

The final debate will take place at noon in the SUB Union Market on March 3. Voting begins at 7 a.m. on March 3, and ends at 7 p.m. on March 4. Voting can be done at