No bad blood in donation rivalry

ASMSU has been hosting the local Red Cross blood drive on campus for the past 10 years. Much like Can the Griz, the blood drive is held as a competition between MSU and the University of Montana (UM) to benefit both communities. Last year the annual event ended in MSU’s favor.

This year the drive took place on Nov. 12 and 13. It was primarily organized and ran by members of the Red Cross organization, along with assistance from MSU Facilities and student volunteers from many campus organizations, ranging from ASMSU itself to the cheer squad in past years. “Everybody has been really supportive of it,” said Heather Jex, donor recruitment representative at the local Red Cross. She added that she was pleased with the promotion the event received around campus.

Jex said that the event was well attended. “We had a ton of students. They were very willing.” Most of those who gave blood were students, she said, along with some staff members.

The first day of the blood drive saw problems however. The recently added wireless network on campus interfered with the Red Cross’s own internet activity. Because of this, they had to shut down earlier than expected and were not able to collect as much blood. However the second day of the drive went well, with over 81 donors showing up to give blood.

Jordan Garceau, ASMSU vice-president, has worked closely with the Red Cross to help them with organizing the blood drive on MSU’s campus. “I am very proud to have a partnership with Red Cross and have no plans of discontinuing this great opportunity for students to give back,” she said.

The Red Cross will be organizing another blood drive on Jan. 21 and 22 of next year. Named the Bridger Bowl Blood Drive, a coupon for an all-day pass at a half-day rate for Bridger Bowl Ski Area will be given out to everyone who donates blood. More information can be found at