Student Profile: Murrey succeeds as President of Pike

Being involved on campus is important to college senior and film major Jack Murrey. A native of Tacoma, Washington, he transferred from Pierce College because of the film program offered by MSU as well as the many opportunities to experience and enjoy the outdoors. He quickly became active in a number of campus organizations and is currently an AdvoCat and the president of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity (better known as Pike).

 Murrey first became involved with Pike after meeting other members while playing basketball. His interest in being involved and meeting new people led him to accept their invitation to visit and learn more about the fraternity. In his own words, “They seemed like good people and I stuck around.” Murrey decided to run for president of the chapter in his junior year and he was subsequently elected to the position in spring 2014.

 As the current president, Murrey stresses the national Pike motto which encourages its members to be “Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentleman,” commonly abbreviated to SLAG. As president of the fraternity, Murrey’s responsibilities include managing the fraternity’s executive committee and making decisions for the chapter, meeting with university officials to plan events and attending regular IFC (Interfraternity Council) meetings to discuss Greek life business. One of his most important duties is making decisions while keeping the best interests of the chapter in mind. He is pleased with the fraternity’s achievements, noting that the average Pike member is involved in multiple organizations across campus and has a higher than average GPA. He added that the fraternity did over 2,000 hours of community service last year, including organizing blood drives, volunteering at the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter and volunteering for MSU Saturdays.

 Murrey stressed why Greek life is important to MSU and its students. “I think it’s very important because it creates a really strong tie to the university. We have guys that are 75 years old that still come around the house on Homecoming and want to see what’s going on at Pike and see who the new guys are and reminisce on their times in the house,” he said.

 In addition to his work as president of Pike, Murrey also stays busy as an AdvoCat, giving weekly tours to prospective students and their parents and helping to organize MSU Fridays. Additionally, Murrey dedicates time towards doing film work for the MSU football team. His relationship with the football program began in August 2014 after he was recruited though the film department. He now makes the team motivational videos and highlight clips and has the opportunity to travel with the team during the season.

 Looking to the future, Murrey wants his legacy as president of Pike to be a positive culture in the house of striving to be better and to keep having fun. After graduation, he plans to continue his work in film, with a focus on sports and outdoors material. Though not entirely sure whether he will stay in Bozeman or return to Washington, his goal will be to continue producing new material and to increase his name recognition. Emphasizing the value of campus involvement in his own life, Murrey said, “I think it gives me a stronger tie to MSU. Through things like AdvoCats, Pike and the football team I have a lot of connections here, a lot of good networks, and I think it will keep me coming around after I graduate.”