Enactus Club works for a better Bozeman

Enactus, an international organization with active clubs at more than 1,200 universities in 34 countries, is making a local impact. The unique campus club is taking an active role in sustainability efforts, not only at MSU but in the Bozeman community as well. MSU’s Enactus Club began over 15 years ago and has approximately 28 members. Advisor and Assistant Professor in the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship (JJCBE), Gary Bishop, noted that the club “gives students the opportunity to develop and carry out projects that greatly impact the community while using business standards.”

The mission of the club is “a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better and more sustainable world.”

Club member Josey Carter mentioned that while the club is offered through the JJCBE, “it’s open to all majors that express an entrepreneurial spirit and want to increase their involvement in Bozeman.”

The sustainable changes are happening in Bozeman, with MSU at the forefront. Students choose various projects to work on as a group and then “a student serves as the lead for each project,” Bishop said. Students are currently working on a variety of projects partnering with a range of organizations such as Haven, Eagle Mount and Seven Sushi to help them better market themselves.

Club member Justin O’Dea said he has felt a need to help with sustainability efforts more on campus. In 2013, he helped lead a project to collect recycled glass to be used in the new JJCBE building. O’Dea and the club were able to raise over 800 pounds of recycled glass that now are being used for all of the countertops in the building.

Enactus also applies for grants to help fund project development. “The grants are written and submitted entirely by the students,” Bishop said. Last year alone, the club received two $1,000 grants from national Enactus sponsors Coca-Cola and Sam’s Club. The grants went towards Haven’s actions for women’s empowerment and O’Dea’s sustainability efforts respectively.

In 2013, the club traveled to Cincinnati to participate in the annual national Enactus competition. With more than 122 universities present, MSU Enactus presented their projects to various panels of judges about the entrepreneurial projects that each enacted around the Bozeman community. The club did extremely well, making it to the semifinals.

Bishop summed it up by saying, “They just did a superb job, and I really am so proud of them in all that they’ve been able to do.”

Interested in joining the Enactus Club at MSU? Join the club for a meet and greet on Monday Oct. 27 at 5:30 p.m. at Mackenzie River Pizza for free pizza and get to know the members of the club. You can also contact the club at msuenactus@gmail.com.