MSU Timely Alert: Phone Scams

MSU sent out an alert on Thursday Sept. 24 at 3:48 p.m. regarding telephone scammers who have been calling MSU students. The callers warn students that if they did not pay a fine immediately over, then they would be arrested by the University Police Department (UPD).

The scammers, who primarily called foreign students at UM, called a range of students at MSU. The calls were deceiving because the number that showed up on caller ID was the same number as UPD, which is a technique called “caller ID spoofing.” This issue is beyond the university’s technological control.

Over 40 MSU students reported being called by the scammers on Wednesday. When the scammers called students, they listed a variety of reasons for their call, such as the student owed taxes, an overdue tuition bill or other unspecified fines. The scammers stated that if the students did not pay the bill then they would be suspended, deported or arrested.

Any students that receive such calls are urged to call and report the incident to UPD at 406-994-2121.