MSU experiences record growth for 2014

MSU has set a new enrollment record for the fall, with 15,421 students registered for classes this semester. Enrollment is 127 students higher than last year, an increase of one percent from the fall 2013 enrollment of 15,294 students.

The university has been experiencing growth over the past decade, having broken enrollment records for eight out of the nine past years. Freshman enrollment has also increased, going up 22 students to a total freshman attendance of 2,943.

The Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship showed the greatest increase in enrollment, having grown in size by eight percent since last year. The College of Engineering also had a large jump in enrollment, with seven percent more students registered in the college as compared to the previous year. Gallatin College, a MSU program offering both two-year associate degrees and one-year professional certificates, grew tremendously with an enrollment increase of 93 percent in the last two years.

Growth has been seen in graduation rates at MSU as well with a 3.5 percent increase and both the average standardized test scores and high school grade point averages of incoming freshman are the highest they have been since 1990.

Expansion at MSU is not restricted to student enrollment; construction on campus has increased. Jake Jabs, a successful entrepreneur and MSU alumni, made a donation of $25 million towards the construction of the Jabs Hall, the future home of the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship. Norm Asbjornson, an alumni of the College of Engineering, has also made a considerable donation to the advancement of MSU, committing $50 million dollars towards the construction of the Norm Asbjornson Innovation Center. This is the largest donation in the history of higher education in Montana.