Club Profile: Meet your college ASMSU represenatives

College of Arts and Architecture

Evan J. Burnett, a student enrolled in MSU’s master of architecture program, is serving on the Senate for the College of Arts and Architecture. Currently in his fifth year at MSU, Burnett hopes to help students from the College of Arts and Architecture program have their voices heard. “ASMSU is a whole world of things that the creative arts complex isn’t usually exposed to,” Burnett said. The College of Arts and Architecture requires advanced facilities which are occupied at all hours of the day, and Burnett wants to assure that these spaces are conducive to learning and are cared for well. He also wishes to represent his fellow graduate students with regard to teacher’s assistant compensation changes which began last year.

College of Letters and Science

“I’ve been around for a lot of change,” Hannah Mains, a fourth year senator for the College of Letters and Science, said. Mains brings extensive ASMSU experience to this year’s senate. In the past, Mains has pushed through many changes to school policy, including the Non-Discrimination Ordinance (NDO), which was later applied to the city of Bozeman in addition to MSU. This year, Mains wants to use her knowledge of the inner workings of ASMSU to ensure the organizational changes this year will go through smoothly.

College of Engineering

Joshua Soares, a senior in mechanical engineering, is the senator for the College of Engineering. Having been active in ASMSU last year, Soares does not expect to be surprised by many aspects of the senate. Going into the new year, Soares looks forward to being a part of the finance board for ASMSU activities, which is responsible for delegating funds to different student organizations.

College of Education, Health and Human Development

Sophomore and returning member of the ASMSU Senate Levi Burkey represents the College of Education, Health and Human Development. Burkey has previously worked on several issues as a senator, including communicating with students about the NDO as it was being built and streamlining the types of calculators needed by students in the chemistry department. Burkey looks forward to collaborating with the senators that have been installed this year. “I’m really excited for this year because of the new dynamic with all the new senators,” Burkey said.

College of Agriculture

As president of the ASMSU Senate, Dana Dale is responsible for facilitating the Senate operations as a whole. The sophomore and second year member of the senate is also the senator for the College of Agriculture. Coming into the role of senate president, Dale is excited to reach more constituents. “It is nice to be able to spread my reach not only to my college, but outside of my college as well.” Dale said, referring to her expanded responsibilities as president. Having gained experience in the senate last year, Dale is ready to begin working with the students of MSU as well as ASMSU members, and has passed two bills since the beginning of the school year.

At Large

Kaitlyn Wernik, a first year senator, serves all MSU students as the At-Large senator. A former residence advisor and senior at MSU, Wernik plans to bring skills she picked up working as an RA to the senate. She enjoys being able to work with a wide range of students, which is why she chose the at large position in the senate. “Being at large, you get such a diverse range of people,” Wernik said. She is enthusiastic about serving as liaison to the campus program that she will be assigned to for the school year.

College of Nursing

Alisha Rickman is a junior in the nursing program at MSU and is in her first term as the senator for the College of Nursing. Rickman was a political science major her freshman year, and wanted to get back into the political world after a two year hiatus. Rickman explained, “I like …  that we can actually affect change on campus,” speaking of not only herself but the ASMSU Senate as a whole. If Rickman had not run for the senator position for College of Nursing, her college would have lost its seat in the Senate. Rickman wants to make sure that her fellow nursing students have a voice on campus.

University College

A freshman and the youngest member of the ASMSU Senate, Hannah Hardcastle is the senator for University College. A recent addition to this year’s senate, Hardcastle applied to be an ASMSU senator because of her desire to get involved on campus early in her college career. Having previous experience with student government in high school, Hardcastle believes she is a good fit for the ASMSU Senate. This year, Hardcastle hopes to get students more involved on campus, especially by expanding student participation in the activities that ASMSU sponsors.

A senator from the Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship was unable to be interviewed at this time.