Police Report Round-Up: Sky’s Out, Crime’s Out

At 12:45 a.m. on Aug. 21, an officer came upon an 18-year-old student near the stadium who was driving under the influence. She was arrested and taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center. Two other individuals were given warnings and MIP citations. All three received referrals to the dean of students.


On Aug. 22, someone reported that their vehicle in the North Gatton Lot had been struck by another vehicle and no information had been left. Police are still trying to determine where the North Gatton Lot is.


On Aug. 27, Renne Library reported that someone was leaving “fist-sized to two-fist-sized piles” of animal fat, according to Chief of Police Robert Putzke. Several piles had been discovered behind and between books throughout the library. Police and library staff agree that this is one of the most bizarre instances of criminal mischief to grace the library in recent time.


In the early hours of Aug. 4, a caller on Greek Way reported people “speaking loudly.” Officers warned the loud speakers to not speak so loudly.


In the early morning of Aug. 8, an on-patrol officer heard a loud noise in the northwest corner of campus and shortly thereafter received a call of a car crash. Officers found a Jeep which had managed to crash into the foot bridge straddling the creek between the Antelope lot north of the Hedges complex and the Animal Bioscience Building. Not surprisingly, the occupants were found to be intoxicated. After being taken to the hospital for an abrasion on her forehead, the driver was cited for a DUI. Damage to the bridge was estimated at $3,500 – $4,000.


At about 6 p.m. on Jul. 1, a caller stated that there was a seated man near the north entrance to the SUB who was breathing heavily and swearing loudly. Police were unable to locate the man.


On Jun. 3, a female reported that she had received unwanted communication from a male student. Evidently what the male saw as a touching ballad he wrote specially for the female was not well-received. “Sometimes crime is in the eye of the beholder,” Putzke mused.


Late on the night of Jun. 4, an individual walked into a residence, ate some food, and then left. Perplexed officers warned the sandwich snatcher for theft.


An annoyed caller on Jun. 5 reported hearing a loud beeping noise in the engineering complex for a week. Officers were unable to locate the source of the maddening sound. No word on how long the classic hunt-for-the-low-battery-smoke-detector has continued.


At 5:20 a.m. on Jun. 7, a fight was reported among three people who had been drinking heavily at a fraternity house on 6th avenue and Garfield. One individual was arrested for assault, unlawful restraint and providing alcohol to a minor.


On Jun. 8, an officer on patrol found an open window in the SUB while the building was closed. Officers found someone inside who had broken into a food service storage area. The individual, who was attempting to steal almonds and M&Ms, was arrested and charged with theft.


In the morning of Jun. 11, a report was made that the odor of burnt marijuana was emanating from a residence in Family and Graduate Housing. Police making contact with the residents initially found nothing to report, but soon discovered that the 14 year-old child of the residents had been using marijuana upstairs. Police warned the child without issuing a youth citation, but warned all for Possession of Dangerous Drugs and issued dean of students referrals to the parents.


At 9:45 a.m. on May 10, a man walking his dog on campus spooked a deer that, in fright, jumped through a window in Lewis Hall. The severely lacerated deer was put down after destroying an area of the building.


In a suspicious incident report from May 18, an officer came across two people in a residence. “The individuals stated they were living there.” Fin.


In a report from May 29, an officer spotted a paper bag floating in the air aided by a candle under it. “An individual called it a hot air balloon,” the report states. The “balloon” makers were given a warning for fire safety and littering.


Since Aug. 22, 6 citations have been issued for Possession of Dangerous Drugs and 16 MIPs have been distributed. Altogether, the Dean of Students office has received 21 referrals in that time period. “Nearly all of them are freshmen,” said Dean of Students Matt Caires. “The vast majority were alcohol or drug related,” he added, clarifying that all of the drug referrals, comprising roughly a third of the referrals, were for marijuana.

Police and university administration expect an upsurge in disciplinary action with the arrival of football games.