One campus one Community

“There’s one basic reason why students should care about ASMSU and it’s simple — Its students serving students in order to challenge and support them while they’re here.”

Meet Jordan Garceau, ASMSU vice president who is working with ASMSU President Destini French for the presidential team for the 2014-15 school year.

French is from Los Angeles, California and is completing her senior year with a major in family and consumer science. Along with her involvement in ASMSU, French has also been a part of the Student Alumni Association, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, the Blue and Gold Ball Committee, an Orientation leader, and is currently an active member of Alpha Omicron Pi.

Garceau, ASMSU vice president, who is also a senior, is from Glendive, Montana. She is majoring in sociology and writing. She has been a housing ambassador and orientation leader as well as a Resident Advisor for the past two and a half years.

While Garceau pointed out that they do not know everything about ASMSU because they are new to the organization this year, she listed that as a benefit, “Not knowing everything about ASMSU has been challenging, but that also plays to our advantage because it allows us to try something new and really dive in with an open perspective.”

The pair emphasized the slogan, “one Campus, one community.” Their focus is to unite MSU as much as possible. “We have a ton of great programs on campus but they work separately, we want to work on campus culture, and bringing our campus together more,” French said.

To bring their vision of “one Campus, one Community” to life, French and Garceau created the ASMSU Ambassadors program. ASMSU Ambassadors is targeted for freshman, and it will give students the opportunity to shadow campus employees and receive hands on experience early on. “We really want to encourage continuous engagement and get freshman involved right off the bat,” French said.

A few other ASMSU programs that Garceau and French oversee are the Streamline, Day Care, the Procrastinator Theatre, and the Exit Gallery.

French and Garceau began their leadership term at the end of spring semester last year as organizational restructure took place in the ASMSU office, presenting what the duo called, “a transition year,” and a chance for them to focus on the organization as a whole. “We really want to build up this one campus one community ideal, we should all be working together for this one goal and that is to really better the students and our school in general.”

Organizational changes in staff last year presented a dilemma for the ASMSU senate because the budget they approved in April for the fiscal year 2015 did not reflect the changes that took place. French stated that they have been working on the new budget since the fiscal year began on July 1, and that they will delve deeper into the subject at the first senate meeting on Sept. 4., when they reopen the topic. “We want to make sure that senators are looking at it and really understand where our budget reflects the organizational changes … and making sure that throughout the year the knowledge is present, so I think that’s the biggest thing is making sure people are informed,” Garceau said.

French and Garceau are looking forward to launching their ideas into action this year, and emphasize involvement and feedback from students.