15 ways to get in trouble in the Residence Halls

With the ushering in of a new academic year at Montana State comes a whole new flock of students in the residence halls. For incoming freshmen and other students alike, there are many obvious ways to get in trouble in the ten different residence halls on campus, but there are also some unexpected ways as well.

  1.  Alcohol: The number one way to get into a bad situation is to be caught with alcohol in your dorm room or hallway. While the age old “sneak it in the backpack” trick may work sometimes, South Hedges front desk clerk Emily Muir notes that “we most likely can tell the difference between three textbooks and 15 Pabst Blue Ribbon cans.”
  2.  Attempting to make alcohol: Your goal may be to invent the next great microbrew or wine but chances are future customers won’t want to come get beer in your dorm room brewery.
  3.  Drugs: MSU has a strict no illegal drug policy. Get caught with a pipe, a blunt or even a “green brownie” and according to the Dean of Students office, it is grounds for “suspension and/or possible expulsion.”
  4.  Falling asleep in places other than your room: This is considered more of a minor offense, yet you can be written up if you’re found asleep in a lounge or even the lobby past normal dorm hours. If you’re really tired and can’t make it into your room, go take a nap in the library or the architecture building.
  5.  Hanging things off of emergency water lines: If you have a dorm room with a water line in it, be careful not to hang anything from these as it is considered a serious offense.
  6.  Owning a toaster: We all love toast, but owning a toaster is considered another serious offense. The toast is just not worth the repercussions.
  7.  Candles and incense: These both smell great but often lead to fire drills/evacuations at 3 a.m. that everyone loves.
  8.  Smelly room: According to Langford Resident Advisor Tieler Soumas, “rooms sometimes smell so bad that they can become a public nuisance” and are grounds for being written up and/or more serious repercussions. Make sure to wash your socks.
  9.  Skateboarding/biking indoors: While skateboarding and biking are useful means of transportation, riding your skateboard in the hallway won’t make you on time for class.
  10.  Subwoofers in your room: You may want to impress your floormates with your epic music tastes but Soumas notes that the “bass often carries to other floors of the dorms.”
  11.  Animals: Although students love to show their spirit for being the Bobcats, you can’t actually own a bobcat or any animal for that matter besides a fish.
  12.  Sex in public places: You may be in the heat of the moment, but it would be best to wait two minutes to get to your dorm room from the movie room or the lobby.
  13.  Door propping: Many students don’t realize that this is a serious hazard and can have serious repercussions.
  14.  Stealing your bed frame: We get it. Furniture is expensive. While you may want to keep a memento of your time spent in the residence halls, stealing your bed frame will only get you a hefty fine, and a lot of explaining to do.
  15.  Flipping off your RA: Resident Advisors do a lot to ensure that your time spent in the dorms is just like at home, so the hostility is really not necessary. You can take your stress out on your pillow or the gym.

In the first week of classes, students will be informed by ResLife staff of most of these possible infractions and are asked to sign a contract stating that they will abide by the rules throughout their stay in the residence halls. If a student commits any of these violations, Soumas states “they will be written up by an RA and will receive an email/letter stating they can go before a jury of their peers to state their case. The board will then decide their punishment which can range from an hour of community service to being kicked out of the residence hall. In more serious cases such as having illegal substances, the dean of students will get involved and evaluate an appropriate punishment. Abide by these rules, and students are sure to have an awesome year at Montana State!