Cruzaldo sings fight song, does not answer questions

President Waldo Cruzaldo recently surprised and upset faculty and students with her lack of legitimate answers at the State of the University Press Conference. Cruzaldo replied to all questions, regardless of the content, with different lines from the Bobcat fight song.

One of the questions brought up to Cruzado was, “MSU has had a 19.8 percent increase in enrollment in the past four years; assuming this trend continues, how are we going to adapt and offer enough parking and living opportunities for these students?”

To which Cruzaldo replied, “We’ve got the vim; we’re here to win!”

Student Courtney Rice expressed her frustration with the lack of answers Cruzaldo provided. “At first I thought it was a joke and I laughed, then I realized that was her actual answer. While I love the school spirit, I was hoping to hear some answers,” Rice said.

At the end of the meeting Cruzaldo was questioned as to why she did not answer the questions, she enthusiastically responded, “Go Cats, go!”