MSU club donates over 30,000 pounds of protein to Gallatin Valley Food Bank

The Gallatin Valley Food Bank recently received a hefty present in the form of 30,000 pounds of protein. However, this was not the only recent donation to the food bank by the MSU Collegiate Cattlewomen (CCW), who collected over 500 pounds of food on MSU’s campus last fall to win the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s College Aggies Competition. For winning the contest, CCW donated 30,000 pounds of protein provided by Tyson Foods Inc. to the food bank.

In the food banks 32-year history, this is the largest one time donation ever to come through its doors. Members of Tyson Foods, the Animal Agriculture Alliance, the College of Agriculture and the CCW were on hand at an event held last Wednesday, Feb. 26, to thank the CCW for their hard work and to see the 30,000 pound donation be dropped off at the food bank.

Jill Holder, who serves as the Operations Manager at the food bank noted, “Protein is hard to come by here and often ends up being expensive. So to have 30,000 pounds donated is an amazing thing for us and our community.” Holder pointed out that “this donation will help feed the more than 1,360 households that we help throughout the year.”

With approximately 15 members, the CCW were more than proud of their accomplishment. Junior animal science student Karissa Floerchinger, one of the many CCW members that attended the event, said, “It is great that as CCW and young avid agriculturalists we are able to come together and give to the Bozeman Community. Hunger is a huge issue across the world.” Floerchinger continued, “ Agriculturalists progressively go out everyday to meet the challenges of feeding a growing population … and we are doing our job to promote servant awareness by giving back.”

The event was a large success for all involved, and it truly demonstrated that CCW has left an impact that goes a long way. Toward the end of his remarks, College of Agriculture Dean Glen Duff summed up his thoughts on CCW’s accomplishment saying, “I couldn’t be prouder.”

In addition to competing in the AAA College Aggies Competition, the CCW does a number of things to promote the beef industry in the community. On April 12 they will hold their annual “Meat Me at the Finish Line” 5k race in Bozeman. For more information contact CCW President Broyna Renfrow at