ASMSU Election results for the 2014-2015 academic year

ASMSU President and Vice-President:

Destini French and Jordan Garceau (54.4% of vote)

ASMSU Senators

College of Agriculture:

Dana Dale (93.3% of vote)

College of Arts and Architecture:

Alexis Hogart (21.7% of vote)

Tie: Evan Burnett (18.9% of vote)

Rebecca Eberlin (18.9% of vote)

College of Business:

Dillon Haskell (53.8% of vote)

Shad Cristando (42.4% of vote)

College of Education, Health and Human Development:

Levi Birky (28.5% of vote)

Alyssa Sferazza (25.3% of vote)

Lacey Chapman (24.7% of vote)

College of Engineering:

Dylan Erwin (40.6% of vote)

Josh Soares (27.6% of vote)

John Cowles (26.9% of vote)

College of Letters and Science:

Stephen Rowe (12.0% of vote)

Lexie Kambich (11.6% of vote)

Hannah Mains (10.9% of vote)

Billy Dove (10.3% of vote)

Cody Howell (9.2% of vote)

College of Nursing:

Alisha Rickman (53.3% of vote)

College of University Studies:

Lauren Stevens (97.2% of vote)

Senators At-Large:

Kaitlyn Wernik (14.4% of vote)

Colton Coffee (13.5% of vote)

Shawna Pratt (12.7% of vote)

The proposed establishment of an $8 per semester Outdoor Recreation Fee passed with 61.3 percent of the vote.

12.4 percent of the student body voted in the election.

The elections committee will meet Thursday, March 5 to determine the best method for deciding the tie for College of Arts and Architecture Senator. A tie-breaker election between Evan Burnett and Rebecca Eberlin is tentatively planned for Friday, March 6 for students in the College of Arts and Architecture.

On Tuesday at noon the votes were reset because the online system was allowing students to vote for senators in every college.  At the time of the reset 753 votes had been cast. As of 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 7, 232 of those votes had not been re-cast.