Strutting in style at the condom fashion show

Last Friday night, Feb. 7, brought some style to Bozeman as 30 students marched down the runway, strutting their stuff in outfits made of almost entirely condoms. The 5th Annual Latex and Lace Condom Fashion Show is an annual event sponsored by MSU Health Promotion “to promote condoms as part of a positive, healthy sexuality and to encourage communications about condoms and their use.”

Outfits were judged on the basis of most wearable, most safe and sexy, most complex, best strut and swagger, people’s choice and the academy award. Those six categories were respectively awarded to Davia Buchacher for his flapper girl outfit, Ali Basta as the pinup sailor, Alex Fetto for his Iron Man costume, Luke Asatiani as the police man, Phillip Mango as Link from the Legend of Zelda and Maddie Combs as the Queen of Hearts.

Around 1200 people, both students and community members, attended the two hour long show which was also sponsored by the MSU Women’s Center, the VOICE Center, AIDS Outreach, Bridger Care and Erotique.

For three hours before the event, AIDS Outreach provided free HIV testing.