Pending University Council approval, club sports can use Bobcat logo with conditions.

This past year student use of the Bobcat logo was challenged in what Dean of Students Matt Caires called, “Student government’s biggest issue of the year.” Club sports, such as rugby, contested a policy which did not allow them to wear the cathead on their jerseys. Since 2008, when the policy was last revised, club sports have grown tremendously at MSU, and the old policy no longer fit the needs of the university. Therefore, a new policy was created that not only continues Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) use of the bobcat logo for on-campus activities but also allows RSOs to use the logo on their jerseys and websites under certain conditions.

Conditions for Bobcat Logo Use on Club Jerseys:

  • Must be approved as a club sport by the Dean of Students.

  • Design of jersey must include the label “club.”

  • No co-branding with sponsor images or logos.

  • No modification of the logo.

  • Club members are 100 percent students who meet academic standards and adhere to the student code of conduct.

  • Jersey design must be approved by the MSU licensing director, Julie Kipfer.

Caires views the policy change as a positive effort to make student clubs more prominent at MSU. “The clubs need to understand they have be in good standing with us. You get to use our name and our logo, well, now we have a little bit higher expectations as well,” said Caires.

Ed Mckenna, advisor to the men’s and women’s rugby clubs and the women’s lacrosse club, hailed the new policy for allowing students to proudly represent Montana State while retaining the integrity of the Bobcat brand. “It truly is a win-win for approved clubs and the university,” said Mckenna.

The policy, posted to the University Council website, is now under a comment period during which students, faculty and staff can give input on the revisions afterwards it will be voted on by the University Council at the meeting on Feb. 5.