Club Profile: Acrobatic yoga club combines challenging sports

Acrobatic Yoga, or acroyoga, is a recreational club at MSU blending elements of yoga and acrobatics. Acrobatic Yoga emphasizes partner work as two people work together to create poses. One person performs the role of the base and the other as the flyer. The flyer and the base work together by supporting each other with their hands and feet while moving through the poses.

Emily Sillcox joined the club last year and is the president of Acrobatic Yoga. She had been taking normal yoga classes and was intrigued when she saw Acrobatic Yoga members practicing. “I saw a group of people going through these cool poses together. It was graceful yet very strong. I’m a dancer and it reminded me of a ballet de deux — partner dancing,” Sillcox said.

Sillcox cited a strong core, good balance and trusting other group members as important qualities in both the flyer and base. They support each other with their hands and their feet and navigate through the different poses. “You have to develop a lot of trust both in yourself and with your partner… you have to know if you have the strength to go through the pose and trust that your partner will too,” said Sillcox.

A member of Acrobatic Yoga has the opportunity to choose either a flyer or a base position. People tend to assume that men are the bases and women are the flyers but that is not always true. Sillcox explains that while being a base is difficult for her, she enjoys it because it challenges her to find the balance and strength to support her partner.

Members of the Acrobatic Yoga Club are attracted to the challenge and difficulty of the sport. Whether it’s figuring out how to flow from one pose to the next or practicing a precarious pose, Acrobatic Yoga presents unique challenges to the flyers and bases alike. While they spend time practicing and eventually perfecting their poses, they always have fun and laugh when a pose does not go as planned.

Acrobatic Yoga is relatively new to MSU but is growing in popularity and welcomes newcomers regardless of yoga or acrobatic background. “You don’t need prior yoga experience to do acroyoga. You’d be surprised how quickly you can catch on,” said Sillcox.

[pullquote align=”right”]“You don’t need prior yoga experience to do acroyoga. You’d be surprised how quickly you can catch on.” -Emily Sillcox[/pullquote]

Acrobatic Yoga meets a few times a week. On Mondays, they meet in the Romney Dance studio from 6:45 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. and on Wednesdays at a member’s house. For more information on the Acrobatic Yoga club, email