Student Profile: Andrew Stulz receives prestigious internship in South Korea

“People said I couldn’t do it” — that was why Andrew Stulz visited all seven continents before graduating high school. Stulz, originally from Grants Pass, Ore., is a senior at MSU and majoring in architecture with a minor in photography.

Stulz began traveling his freshman year of high school. He went to Australia with a student ambassador program and while he enjoyed it, he wanted more freedom to explore on his own. After the trip to Australia, Stulz decided to visit all seven continents before graduating high school.

Stulz put his plans into action and began traveling. His incentives for the locations varied. He went to Paris to visit a friend, volunteered with a game capture team in South Africa, worked with a community development program in Nepal, photographed wildlife in Malaysia and backpacked in Argentina.

Every place brought a new experience for Stulz. “Africa was a great place to go for the wildlife, but so was Malaysia. Nepal and Morocco are probably the most diverse culturally. I’ve seen quite a bit of violence and some strong racial tension in countries. It was all really eye opening,” Stulz said.

However, Stulz is not done with traveling. He is leaving MSU in January for a prestigious internship with BCHO Architects and Associates, based out of Seoul, South Korea. “They accept 4 – 6 interns worldwide and I think I’m the only one from the states,” Stulz said.

Stulz will be living in South Korea from January through August of 2014 . Stulz had been interested in the firm and researched their work often for architecture projects. When the principal of the company gave a presentation to the School of Architecture in September, Stulz seized the opportunity and met with him during his visit.

While Stulz is excited for the challenge and the change of pace, he has a few concerns related to the internship. “The pressure to perform is stressful since it’s so competitive. It’s also stressful in the fact that it is so unknown, but I adapt well and look forward to these kinds of challenges.”

Stulz’s absence in January will be noticed by his friends and co-workers. Stulz is in his third year as a resident advisor (RA) in Roskie Hall. While there are a few drawbacks that accompany being an RA, like late nights and disciplining students, Stulz said a definite perk is getting to know the residents and staff.

Stulz will not be leaving MSU permanently, he plans on returning after his internship ends in August to begin working on his master’s degree in Architecture.