Props to Those Who Deserve Them

At the end of each semester, the editor-in-chief of the Exponent traditionally uses this space as a way to recognize and thank staff members who have made extraordinary contributions to the paper throughout the semester. Though not yet the end of the semester, the next two editions of the Exponents are special issues, so forgive me as I jump into the season of thanks a little prematurely.

This semester has been one of intermittent and constant challenges. From technology woes and personnel changes, to the struggles ingrained in just being students existing in the hustle and bustle of campus life; at times the path ahead can seem not worth the fight. But without exception the staff have stepped up to the task and continued to exceed all expectations.

A special thanks must be given to Colin Gaiser, Trevor Nelson, Sonja Benton, Kristina Echols, Brandon Marsh, Molly Reed, Pat Hessman, Michelle Thomas, Peter Hoag and Peter Fox. These individuals have given an unbelievable amount of time and effort to the Exponent, and we would not be where we are today without them. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with them on a daily basis, and am constantly in awe of their dedication and leadership.

For the rest of the staff, to simply list names is a completely inadequate to portray the accomplishments and talents these individuals have brought to the Exponent this semester. However the limitations of time and space forbid me from giving them the individual thanks they deserve, so they’ll have to accept my apologies and heartfelt thanks.


Molly Reed, Matt Williams, Cassia Wagner, Mary Grandy, Anjeli Doty, Erin Murdock, Julie Donagan, Justin Ailport, AJ Rossitto, Karoline Rose


Pat Hessman, Logan Henke, Michelle Cassens, Georgia Haniuk, John Woodgerd, Greta Robison, Ian Mascari


Michelle Thomas, Megan Bernhardt, Nate Orlowski, John Pankratz, Michael Thomas, Lizzy Narigon


Peter Hoag, Genevieve Suwara, Kate Van Genderen, Nicholas Oldham, Denver Jones, Matt Schwager, Loren Bunjes, Cullen Severance, Brook Gardner-Durbin, Kaylee Walden

Photography and Design:

Trevor Nelson, Sonja Benton, Amanda Reese, Ceejay Brown, Ashley Moon, Nicole Smith, Conor Glesner, Biiancaa Yeoh, Roger Miller, Emma Nielsen, Kate Juedes, Ethan Fasching, Kylee Firlit

Web Development

Rishad Bharucha, Xury Vanderwey

Business and Distribution

Kristina Echols, Brandon Marsh, Nicole Kuha


Peter Fox

Publication Board:

Dax Schieffer, Jim Rickman, Derek Brouwer, Phyllis Bock, Brandi Higgins, Matt Caires, Sepp Jannotta, Bill Wilke, Michael Becker, Meghan Doyle, CJ Monteith, John Cowles