Increasing accessibility: Nighttime CORE classes offered at MSU

All MSU students, regardless of major, are required to fulfill CORE 2.0 requirements in order to graduate. CORE 2.0 requirements consist of one course from each of nine categories: University Seminar (US), College Writing (W), Quantitative Reasoning (Q), Diversity (D), Contemporary Issues in Science (CS), Arts (IA or RA), Humanities (IH or RH), Natural Sciences (IN or RN) and Social Sciences (IS or RS).

According to the CORE 2.0 mission statement, the goal of these course requirements is to “[provide] students with a broad exposure to and knowledge of multiple and varied methods of scholarship.”

In order to make CORE courses accessible to all MSU students, especially those who work during regular class hours and non-traditional students, the College of Letters and Science has created a “CORE at Night program”, which was implemented in the Fall 2013 semester. This program was proposed Nov. 2012. In the proposal, it was stated that the strategic plan of CORE at Night is to “diversify the student body” by increasing accessibility of CORE classes.

The Core at Night program is funded by the Provost’s office, with the exception of courses fulfilling Art and Research requirements offered through the School of Art. Art courses will be financed by additional sections funding.

In general, CORE classes are full, or nearly full, every semester. Because of this, CORE at Night provides additional course times along with those already offered rather than replacing courses offered during traditional time slots.

For the pilot semester of this program, CORE at Night offered five courses: Intro to Ethics, Problems of Good and Evil (PHL 101IH); Ways of Knowing (LS 101US); College Writing (WRIT 101); Intro to American Government (PSCI 201IS) and Technology and Society (TE 250CS). According to Dr. Tamela Eitle, Associate Dean of the College of Letters and Science, the fall Core at Night classes were filled to 87.5 percent capacity. All of these courses were offered between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m rather than during traditional class hours.

Five more courses will be offered during the spring 2014 semester: WRIT 101W, LS 101US, Social Difference (SOCI 150D), Mathematics for the Liberal Arts (M 145Q) and Organism Function (BIOB 100IN). As they were in the fall 2013 semester, spring 2014 CORE at Night classes will be offered between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.