Exponent Explains Club Funding

The daunting process of applying for student organization funding is a necessity that many student leaders dread. However, to aid those carrying the burden of obtaining funding, allow the Exponent to simplify it.

Every student enrolled at MSU pays $6.20 per semester allocated to fund student organizations. The first step to receiving any of this funding is becoming a recognized student organization. This requires applying for recognition through the Office of Activities and Engagement (OAE) by completing documentation. This documentation includes a roster with at least 10 MSU student or faculty members, identification of a MSU faculty or staff advisor and a complete mission statement outlining the service the club will provide to MSU students and the Bozeman community. Upon becoming a recognized organization the club can apply for a portion of club-labelled money in order to put its mission statement to work.

There are three types of funding that student organizations can receive through the OAE: mass, rolling or matching.

Mass funding is available if the request is greater than $1,000. As with all types of funding, there is an application process. The deadline for mass funding is the spring before the semester of its intended use. For the 2013-2014 academic year there is $99,525 available in mass funding (that was applied for last spring). Mass funding offers student organizations financial stability by awarding funding based on detailed budgets submitted by each club.

Rolling funding is for amounts under $1,000. The application deadline is weekly and the funding can be awarded anytime during the semester, though it must be used within the academic year. Only one application may be submitted per year from a single organization. OAE allocated $47,600 for rolling funding for the current academic year.

Matching funding is a new program implemented this year to help meet student organizations’ funding needs. Through this program a club may apply for up to $500 in funding with the commitment that they will fundraise to match the value of funds from OAE. Organizations may apply for this funding even if they have applied for or received other types of funding. In 2031-2014, the OAE and the Registered Student Organization Funding Board have allocated $12,000 for this initiative.

After applying for desired funding, two final things must happen. First, the application is reviewed by the funding board. Club representatives are encouraged to attend the funding board meeting, which are held every Monday from 4 – 5 p.m. Organizations are informed within a week of the funding board meeting if their request was approved and what amount will be awarded.

Upon the approval, a club leader must attend a mandatory spending orientation meeting with OAE to learn the details of allowed use for the allocated money.

For further information on the student organization funding process, contact Mandy St. Aubyn at 994-3113, at amanda.staubyn@montana.edu or visit the OAE website at www.montana.edu/engagement.