Spooktacular Halloween Facts

Everyone loves Halloween! But did you know the history behind its most famous creature, the ghost? Before you fill your bowl with candy and open your door to eager trick-or-treaters, be sure you read these spooktacular facts!

  • Did you know ghosts were invented by the famed alchemist Paracelsus and are reputed to be VERY scary?

  • Did you know ghosts love to haunt old, abandoned places: train stations; hospitals; libraries; old, abandoned library books and the words in old abandoned library books. Are you sure these are words you’re reading? Or a GHOST???

  • Did you know that ghosts are made of cosmic energy? It’s true. Leave a small dish of cosmic energy on your porch overnight. They’ll come around around and lap it up like a crowd of little bugs. By morning you’ll have an adorable hive on your hands — of vengeful GHOSTS!

  • Did you know in July of 1892, Montana State University was built atop a subterranean cavern containing a reservoir of endlessly moaning GHOSTS!!!!

  • Did you know American municipalities add trace amounts of fluoride to public drinking water? Some say this practice can cause widespread brain damage, reproductive problems and GHOSTS!

  • Did you know you can make a cute ghost decoration for your front door this Halloween? It’s easy! Blow up a balloon and use crumpled newspaper and masking tape to create a ghost shape. Use strips of craft plaster to make the shape firmer and to add the classic white color. After drawing a spooky face with a black marker, hang your little monster from the porch, where it can welcome trick-or-treaters. But first — what is this you hold in your hands? What is this thing you have created? Is it — could it be — A GHOST?! (AIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!)

There you have it, boys and ghouls! You have been initiated into the terrible world of ghosts! You have glimpsed the dark secret! Your mind is changed forever, drained of all sanity! Share these fun facts with others this Halloween!