Cruzado addresses the Federal Government shutdown

On Wednesday Oct. 1, President Waded Cruzado issued an email to the MSU community addressing the recent shutdown in the U.S. government and how it could potentially impact MSU. Included in the list of potential areas affected were Financial Aid, Veteran affairs, research, MSU extension and international and study abroad students.

According to Cruzado, no anticipated interruption with federal student aid is expected, assuming the shutdown is only “short-term.” For veterans, November housing payments will be late. These individuals are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid for alternative solutions. MSU Extension across the state is predicted to function normally for the time being, with the omission of the Eastern Region Office. Research at MSU is expected to remain unaffected. However, cash reimbursements will be delayed and grant submission outlets have shut down. Additionally, the closure of national parks may be a hindrance for many researchers requiring access to these areas. Finally, for students planning to study abroad, passport services will continue to operate only as long as non-appropriated funds are available.